The scalable, multi-model real-time database

Featuring the new Aerospike Graph, adding massively scalable graph database capabilities to our multi-model, multi-cloud NoSQL database.

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Manage what matters with the new Aerospike Observability Stack

Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real-time and serve as the foundation for their future.
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Aerospike & Dream11 partner for scale

Why organizations choose Aerospike

The Aerospike difference

No more tradeoffs between high performance, scale, consistency and low total cost of operations for globally distributed applications.

At unlimited scale
Predictable performance from gigabytes to petabytes of data. Build your real-time, mission-critical applications with peace of mind and adherence to the strictest of SLAs.
Five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data. Aerospike has customers with uptime for years on end. Avoid severity-level-one warnings and sleepless nights. Learn why our customers say, "Aerospike just works."
Customers typically reduce server or cloud instance footprint by up to 80 percent even as business and data grow. Regardless of industry, regardless of the legacy NoSQL competitor, our customers vastly reduce the servers they need to manage with Aerospike positioning them for growth without headaches.

Your database platform to future-proof your business

Cloud Managed Service

Run in multi-cloud environments

Reduce your operational overhead and accelerate time to market with Aerospike Cloud Managed Service.


Rich set of enterprise security features such as data Encryption (in motion and at rest), Authentication, Authorization and Auditing.


High-availability design principles and operating controls guarantee five 9s of uptime minimizing business operations.

Elastic database scaling

Our flexible storage engine provides predictable performance up to petabyte scale whether via in-memory, hybrid, all-flash, or Persistent Memory - or any combination thereof.

Built-in cost control

Workload profiling to identify the correct capacity plan and optimized configuration templates.

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