ResultCode Class

Database operation error codes.


Namespace: Aerospike.Client
Assembly: AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: 7.0.1
public sealed class ResultCode
Object    ResultCode


ResultCodeInitializes a new instance of the ResultCode class


GetResultString Return result code as a string.
KeepConnection Should connection be put back into pool.


ALWAYS_FORBIDDEN Operation not allowed in current configuration. Value: 10
BATCH_DISABLED Batch functionality has been disabled. Value: 150
BATCH_FAILED One or more keys failed in a batch. Value: -16
BATCH_MAX_REQUESTS_EXCEEDED Batch max requests have been exceeded. Value: 151
BATCH_QUEUES_FULL All batch queues are full. Value: 152
BIN_EXISTS_ERROR Bin already exists on a create-only operation. Value: 6
BIN_NAME_TOO_LONG Bin name length greater than 15 characters or maximum bins exceeded. Value: 21
BIN_NOT_FOUND Bin not found on update-only operation. Value: 17
BIN_TYPE_ERROR Operation is not supported with configured bin type (single-bin or multi-bin). Value: 12
CLIENT_ERROR Client generic error. Value: -1
CLUSTER_KEY_MISMATCH Expected cluster was not received. Value: 7
COMMAND_REJECTED Asynchronous max concurrent database commands have been exceeded and therefore rejected. Value: -6
DEVICE_OVERLOAD Device not keeping up with writes. Value: 18
ELEMENT_EXISTS Map element exists in CREATE_ONLY write mode. Value: 24
ELEMENT_NOT_FOUND Map element not found in UPDATE_ONLY write mode. Value: 23
ENTERPRISE_ONLY Attempt to use an Enterprise feature on a Community server or a server without the applicable feature key. Value: 25
EXPIRED_PASSWORD Password has expired. Value: 63
EXPIRED_SESSION Login session expired. Value: 66
FAIL_FORBIDDEN Operation not allowed at this time. Value: 22
FILTERED_OUT The transaction was not performed because the filter was false. Value: 27
FORBIDDEN_PASSWORD Forbidden password (e.g. recently used) Value: 64
GENERATION_ERROR On modifying a record with unexpected generation. Value: 3
ILLEGAL_STATE Server is in illegal stage. Value: 56
INDEX_ALREADY_EXISTS Secondary index already exists. Value: 200
INDEX_GENERIC Generic secondary index error. Value: 204
INDEX_MAXCOUNT Maximum number of indicies exceeded. Value: 206
INDEX_NAME_MAXLEN Index name maximum length exceeded. Value: 205
INDEX_NOTFOUND Requested secondary index does not exist. Value: 201
INDEX_NOTREADABLE Secondary index not available. Value: 203
INDEX_OOM Secondary index memory space exceeded. Value: 202
INVALID_COMMAND Administration command is invalid. Value: 54
INVALID_CREDENTIAL Security credential is invalid. Value: 65
INVALID_FIELD Administration field is invalid. Value: 55
INVALID_NAMESPACE Invalid namespace. Value: 20
INVALID_NODE_ERROR Chosen node is not currently active. Value: -3
INVALID_PASSWORD Password is invalid. Value: 62
INVALID_PRIVILEGE Specified Privilege is not valid. Value: 72
INVALID_QUOTA Invalid quota value. Value: 75
INVALID_ROLE Role name is invalid. Value: 70
INVALID_USER User name is invalid. Value: 60
INVALID_WHITELIST Invalid IP address whitelist. Value: 73
KEY_BUSY Too many concurrent operations on the same record. Value: 14
KEY_EXISTS_ERROR On create-only (write unique) operations on a record that already exists. Value: 5
KEY_MISMATCH Key type mismatch. Value: 19
KEY_NOT_FOUND_ERROR On retrieving, touching or replacing a record that doesn't exist. Value: 2
LOST_CONFLICT Write command loses conflict to XDR. Value: 28
MAX_ERROR_RATE Max errors limit reached. Value: -12
MAX_RETRIES_EXCEEDED Max retries limit reached. Value: -11
NO_MORE_CONNECTIONS Max connections would be exceeded. There are no more available connections. Value: -7
NO_RESPONSE No response received from server. Value: -15
NOT_AUTHENTICATED User must be authentication before performing database operations. Value: 80
NOT_WHITELISTED Command not allowed because sender IP address not whitelisted. Value: 82
OK Operation was successful. Value: 0
OP_NOT_APPLICABLE The operation cannot be applied to the current bin value on the server. Value: 26
PARAMETER_ERROR Bad parameter(s) were passed in database operation call. Value: 4
PARSE_ERROR Client parse error. Value: -2
PARTITION_UNAVAILABLE Partition unavailable. Value: 11
QUERY_ABORTED Secondary index query aborted. Value: 210
QUERY_END There are no more records left for query. Value: 50
QUERY_GENERIC Generic query error. Value: 213
QUERY_QUEUEFULL Secondary index queue full. ValueL 211
QUERY_TERMINATED Query was terminated by user. Value: -5
QUERY_TIMEOUT Secondary index query timed out on server. Value: 212
QUOTA_EXCEEDED Quota exceeded. Value: 83
QUOTAS_NOT_ENABLED Quotas not enabled on server. Value: 74
RECORD_TOO_BIG Record size exceeds limit. Value: 13
ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS Role already exists. Value: 71
ROLE_VIOLATION User does not posses the required role to perform the database operation. Value: 81
SCAN_ABORT Scan aborted by server. Value: 15
SCAN_TERMINATED Scan was terminated by user. Value: -4
SECURITY_NOT_ENABLED Security functionality supported, but not enabled by connected server. Value: 52
SECURITY_NOT_SUPPORTED Security functionality not supported by connected server. Value: 51
SECURITY_SCHEME_NOT_SUPPORTED Security configuration not supported. Value: 53
SERIALIZE_ERROR Client serialization error. Value: -10
SERVER_ERROR Unknown server failure. Value: 1
SERVER_MEM_ERROR Server has run out of memory. Value: 8
SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE Server is not accepting requests. Value: -8
TIMEOUT Client or server has timed out. Value: 9
UDF_BAD_RESPONSE A user defined function returned an error code. Value: 100
UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE Client operation not supported on connected server. Value: 16
USER_ALREADY_EXISTS User was previously created. Value: 61

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