MapReturnType Enumeration

Map return type. Type of data to return when selecting or removing items from the map.


Namespace: Aerospike.Client
Assembly: AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: 7.2.0+3ff890475e5241c4ec994b6f9316c3e202db5797
public enum MapReturnType


NONE0 Do not return a result.
INDEX1 Return key index order.
  • 0 = first key
  • N = Nth key
  • -1 = last key
REVERSE_INDEX2 Return reverse key order.
  • 0 = last key
  • -1 = first key
RANK3 Return value order.
  • 0 = smallest value
  • N = Nth smallest value
  • -1 = largest value
REVERSE_RANK4 Return reverse value order.
  • 0 = largest value
  • N = Nth largest value
  • -1 = smallest value
COUNT5 Return count of items selected.
KEY6 Return key for single key read and key list for range read.
VALUE7 Return value for single key read and value list for range read.
KEY_VALUE8 Return key/value items. The possible return types are:
  • HashMap : Returned for unordered maps
  • TreeMap : Returned for key ordered maps
  • List<Entry> : Returned for range results where range order needs to be preserved.
EXISTS13 Return true if count > 0.
UNORDERED_MAP16 Return an unordered map.
ORDERED_MAP17 Return an ordered map.
INVERTED65,536 Invert meaning of map command and return values. For example:
MapOperation.RemoveByKeyRange(binName, keyBegin, keyEnd, MapReturnType.KEY | MapReturnType.INVERTED);
With the INVERTED flag enabled, the keys outside of the specified key range will be removed and returned.

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