Operation Class

Database operation definition. The class is used in client's operate() method.


Namespace: Aerospike.Client
Assembly: AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: 7.2.0+3ff890475e5241c4ec994b6f9316c3e202db5797
public sealed class Operation
Object    Operation


OperationInitializes a new instance of the Operation class


Add Create integer/double add database operation.
Append Create string append database operation.
Array Create array of operations from varargs. This method can be useful when its important to save identical array pointer references. Using varargs directly always generates new references.
Delete Create delete record database operation.
Get Create read all record bins database operation.
Get(String) Create read bin database operation.
GetHeader Create read record header database operation.
Prepend Create string prepend database operation.
Put Create set database operation.
Touch Create touch record database operation.


binName Optional bin name used in operation.
type Type of operation.
value Optional argument to operation.

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