Aerospike Connect for Presto

Accelerate Time-to-Insight with Aerospike and Presto

Kiran Matty - Director of Product Management Blog, Technology, Developer

We are very excited to announce that Aerospike Connect for Presto is out of beta and now generally available. The Presto connector enables business and data analysts to use ANSI SQL, which they are very comfortable with, to query data stored in Aerospike via Presto.

Add Horsepower to AI/ML Pipeline

Add Horsepower to your AI/ML Pipeline

Kiran Matty - Director of Product Management Blog, Technology

Every AI/ML project starts with the singular goal of creating the most accurate model within the shortest amount of time. However, that hope is quickly dashed as soon as you get around to building your training pipeline at scale to work with vast amounts of data.