The world of Financial Services had embraced the concept of the Digital Imperative before the Pandemic changed our ways of lives; but as the world moves online and the amount of data generated grows exponentially, there is now an added urgency.

To support the education of those needing to make long ranging decisions now, the strategy team at Aerospike has partnered with the team at to look at trends, market conditions and technical factors that are on the minds of leading decision makers; with special attention to concerns of the Financial Services Industry.

Below is a list of articles that we will be publishing this month; as well as videos with related topics.  While we know many of our readers will be very familiar with the NoSQL database technology and its advantages, we know that the choices in this area may involve a wide range of inputs and so we start at the very beginning.

Sept 22 – A Worthy Sequel: An Overview of Next-Gen NoSQL Databases

In this article, we start with the basics;  from the advent of relational databases; to looking at the various kinds of databases being widely used today.  We ask why certain kinds of databases present clear advantages as compared to others, in general (or does it vary based on customer requirements and degree of usage).  We finish with an overview of  NoSQL databases – benefits, use cases and look at what next-gen innovations in the space look like.

Sept 29 – Next-Gen NoSQL Databases for FinServ: Exploring Use Cases

In this longer article, we start with an overview of the changes in the global financial services landscape, including both challenges and innovations.  We highlight some examples of leadership around database use-cases in FinServ / FinTech.  We end with an analysis of the advantages of NoSQL Databases and innovations that are particularly useful to this segment of businesses, focusing on speed of response time and strong consistency of data.

Oct 13 – Modern Instant Payment Settlements: Increasingly Powered by NoSQL

In this article we look at how the evolution of payment systems over the years has culminated in increased demand for instant transaction processing. Consumers are no longer content with slow interbank clearance processes that used to take from a few days for local payment processing to a week for international payments. There has been exponential growth in commerce worldwide, and with it, the increased need for reliable instant payment solutions.

Oct 20 – How NoSQL helps in Financial Crime Detection and Fraud Management

In this article, we look at the importance of focusing on financial crime detection and fraud management in financial services. We explore some of the conventional methods and tools used in fraud detection. A key challenge of  financial crime detection is  that it has to be real time, but how that is hampered by many conventional solutions in the market.

We lay out how detection in real time requires the ability to tap into multiple data sources and perform behavior analysis. We highlight specific examples of some of the key players in the market who are providing such solutions and how Aerospike differentiates/adds value for its customers.

Oct 27 – Why Digital Banking Needs a Modern Data Platform

The growth of digital-only banks / neobanks is fueled by changing consumer needs and expectations, dissatisfaction with conventional banks’ service quality, the gig economy, and, from a regulatory point of view, a favorable regulatory environment allowing for their existence.

In this article, we look at the data challenge for this segment; the regulatory and compliance fulfillment issues that arise; and how the right data platform can make or break to provide a winning customer experience.

Nov 3 – Data Platforms in Financial Services – The NoSQL Edge Report by MEDICI

The NoSQL Edge’ Report by MEDICI Executive Summary.  For those that want the insights of the full white paper, but in a summarized form.

We also posted some videos with topics that may be useful.

Video: What Role Does AI and ML play in the Payments Space?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to unlock great value for customers in the payments space. Srini Srinivasan, Chief Product Officer at Aerospike explains where AI and ML fit into the current payments landscape.

Questions include:  How will AI/ML help us unlock additional value for customers? What role will customer experiences play in the future of banking and financial services? In what ways will this create more economic value for customers?

Video: How Data is Driving the Evolution of the Retail Industry

Data is behind everything that’s happening within retail. Hear directly from Lenley Hensarling, Chief Strategy Officer of Aerospike, on trends he’s seeing within the industry.   Many of the trends such as unified user profiles; the Customer 360 personalization and recommendation engines are now becoming requirements for banks and other consumer facing financial services organizations.


We’ve been working with leading financial service providers and seen incredible innovations; and we appreciate the team at Medici for lending their viewpoint and expertise to help understand the challenges and the opportunities facing innovators today.  It is our hope that these viewpoints help people to make the right technology choices for their needs.