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AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising. It’s what the world’s most influential advertising and media companies build their businesses on, and what enables them to deliver the ads that deliver the content that people love.

Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker by revenue, recently published a case study that profiles how AppNexus offers one of the industry’s most advanced technology platforms using Aerospike, the first flash-optimized in-memory NoSQL database, built on top of Intel solid-state drives (SSDs).

“AppNexus operates at massive scale while paying close attention to the economics of the platform. Aerospike’s flash optimizations running on top of Intel® SSDs have given us the price, performance, reliability, and serviceability we need to grow our business.”
– Timothy G Smith SVP Technical Operations, AppNexus

Aerospike’s SSD-optimized database enables customers to keep their nodes per cluster count down to a smaller, more manageable size. By integrating Intel SSDs in a wide SATA configuration, AppNexus reduced its cluster size from about 50 machines to 8 machines per cluster.

“Aerospike’s game-changing use of DRAM and Flash showcases the potential of database applications providing microsecond user space performance with amazing consistency. Intel® SSD technology helps companies like Aerospike disrupt the database market segment, grow commercial adoption and generate business value for real-time web-scale applications.”
– Rob Crooke, Vice President and General Manager of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Intel

Download the Aerospike-AppNexus case study by Intel to learn more.


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Brian is a Founder and Advisor of Aerospike. With almost 30 years in Silicon Valley, his motivation for starting Aerospike was the confluence of what he saw as the rapidly advancing flash storage technology with lower costs that weren’t being fully leveraged by database systems as well as the scaling limitations of sharded MySQL systems and the need for a new distributed database. He was able to see these needs as both a Lead Engineer at Novell and Chief Architect at Cable Solutions at Liberate - where he built a high-performance, embedded networking stack and high scale broadcast server infrastructure. As Founder and Advisor, Brian continues to help Aerospike think through industry, hardware optimizations, and emerging uses cases.