Transactional Analytics and Gartner’s New Market Guide for HTAP

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  Gartner recently published a market guide for hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP). It is a must read paper for CIO, data professional and anyone who is involved with analytics driven digital transformation initiative. Gartner’s market guide is a good overview of the current state of the in-memory computing technologies and how they enable HTAP. Since …

Shipping containers

Cloud Native in Enterprise: Notes from Container World

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Last month, I had the opportunity to attend Container World – Driving Business & Technical Agility in the Enterprise at the Santa Clara Convention Center. A focused event, Container World is an independent conference and expo to bring together the entire Container and Cloud ecosystem. Containerization simplifies configuration, enables faster application rollouts, and increases productivity. …


What Is an Aerospike Anyway?

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  Our company has a cool and interesting name so I thought I’d use this post to explain what an aerospike is, and why it’s such a fitting name for our database and company. Rockets, nose cones and engines In the aeronautical world, an aerospike can refer to one of two rocket components – both …

Speed at Scale

Aerospike Database Powers Systems of Engagement

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  In my first blog as the newly appointed head of marketing, I wanted to share why I could not miss the opportunity to be a part of Aerospike. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with category-leading software companies: Sun Microsystems with Java; HP with Mercury Interactive automated software testing; and Hortonworks with …

Aerospike Customers See Continued Growth and Success in 2016

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We’re not really ones for clichés here at Aerospike. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. (Yea, if you’re throwing it at him.) It takes two to tango. (Says the person who hasn’t seen my solo tango.) There’s more than one way to skin a cat. (We’re going to go ahead and trust you …

Modelling Time-Series Data for Top-Performing Stocks in Aerospike using Sorted Maps

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With the new Sorted Map API in Aerospike v3.8.4, it is now possible to store Sorted Map data in Aerospike. This is an experimental feature intended to help make Aerospike easier to use; we look forward to our community’s feedback on the API, which we expect to make GA this autumn. With this feature, it …