Set Index Performance

Set Index Performance

Paul Jensen - Vice President, Engineering Operations and Tibor Szaboky, Senior Performance Engineer Blog, Technology

Aerospike Database 5.6 introduces the set-index feature, which permits specific sets in a namespace to be directly indexed.

Aerospike Database 5.6: Developer Cornucopia

Aerospike Database 5.6: Developer Cornucopia

Paul Jensen - Vice President, Engineering Operations Blog, Technology, Developer

Aerospike is pleased to announce Aerospike 5.6, which is now available to customers. This is a developer-focused release offering major new functionality, including several features requested by the Aerospike user community.

Top of Mind Retail CIO Concerns

Top-of-Mind Retail CIO Concerns

Matt Bushell, Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

Since the pandemic began, first person research has revealed that retail executives have focused more on integrating data from different sources and in developing real-time data analysis to address critical business objectives.

Introducing the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

Introducing the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

Sheryl Sage, Sr. Director, Cloud Product Management Blog, Technology

Aerospike announces the release of the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator, giving you the ability to deploy multi-node clusters, recover automatically from node failures, scale up or down automatically as load changes, ensure nodes are evenly split across racks or zones, automatically update to new versions of Aerospike and manage other configuration changes in your clusters.

Digital Summit 2021 - Save the Date for May 4-6, 2021

Why attend the Aerospike Digital Summit?

Angel Camacho, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Technology

Why should I attend the Aerospike Digital Summit 2021? We have selected a premium platform to deliver an outstanding digital experience, with opportunities to hear from Customers and Partners about their experience with Aerospike. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with our experts in live Q&A sessions the latest developments in our Database and related technologies.