Kafka Summit 2020 - Distributed Data Storage & Streaming for Real-time Decisioning Using Kafka, Spark and Aerospike

Kafka Summit 2020: What We Learned and Why We Were There.

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As the world adapts to the virtual, online mode of streaming data, a mighty crowd gathered to learn about the underpinnings of how to manage said streams; the 2020 Kafka User Summit, held online August 24-25. So why did 30,000 plus folks register to learn the latest; what is the latest, and why did Aerospike choose to sponsor and present?

We are Sponsoring Kafka Summit 2020

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Sheryl Sage, Sr. Director, Cloud Product Management Blog, Technology

Modern data architectures don’t work in isolation. They are made up of multiple technologies each serving a different purpose in the data ecosystem. Apache Kafka® fits naturally as a messaging layer for real-time streaming data pipelines to reliably get data between many independent systems or applications.

What to Look for in a Globally Distributed System

The Future of Data: Global, Distributed, Available

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Oil or Sunlight? The Economist introduced the idea of data being like oil back in 2017 calling it “the fuel of the future;” and resurfaced the debate earlier this year when they challenged their earlier posit and got very philosophical about how our lives are steeped in the stuff.

Now more than ever

Now more than ever, invest in Digital

Bill Odell, Aerospike Chief Marketing Officer Blog, Technology, Business

Digital transformation may have once been something discussed only in tech circles, but the pandemic has shown that the world has changed and everyone — from school children to doctors — need digital in order to live their lives.

AI Innovation in Digital Banking

AI Innovation in Digital Banking

Aerospike Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

It’s no secret that in today’s data tsunami, every C-Suite executive (and those that support them) has to have a point of view on how to not just protect, but utilize their customers’ data.


How to Spot a Bad Benchmark

Ronen Botzer, Director of Product Blog, Technology

Benchmarks can be helpful in making informed decisions, but they become a problem when they are manipulated or lack transparency.