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How Aerospike is Redefining Fast by using Intel Architecture – Intel® Chip Chat Podcast

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Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews, and last week, its host, Allyson Klein, interviewed Aerospike Head of Product and Solutions Marketing, Satish Iyer about how Aerospike is “Redefining Fast” within the database space for Systems of Engagement by using Intel Architecture. Despite the podcast being only 10 minutes in …

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The 7 Year Itch: How Aerospike decided to transform the database status-quo (Part 2 of 2)

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As we  mentioned in the first part [0] of this blog, Aerospike 4.0 read/write operations on a single record can be made strictly linearizable [3] (preserving sequential read/write accesses to a record in multiple concurrent execution threads across the entire system) or be made session consistent (also called sequential consistency) [4] (preserving sequential read/write accesses to …


Aerospike takes a major step to transform the Enterprise SoE

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    Data Resides at the Core of Digital Transformation Enterprises are transforming to stay competitive and relevant in the digital age. The vitality of customer experience and deeper engagement necessitates the Enterprises to embrace digital technology to drive better insights, intelligence and interactions with their customers. As Enterprises drive business model transitions in the …

The 7 Year Itch: How Aerospike decided to transform the database status-quo (Part 1 of 2)

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Since 2010, the Aerospike Real-Time Operational DBMS [1] has been in widespread use for handling real mission-critical applications in the areas of real-time bidding for AdTech, fraud detection for Online Payments, continuous risk management for Stock Brokerage Firms, revenue assurance for Telco, and so on. The majority of these use cases require Aerospike to support …

Swarm-ing Containers: Docker Orchestration at Scale

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  Aerospike, with its shared-nothing architecture and Smart Client ™, has always been a champion of speed and scale. These qualities are a natural fit for containers, where database horsepower is required to deliver scalable services and microservices. However, all is not well in the land of containers. Aerospike’s integration with Docker previously relied on …

Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Aerospike Database: a New Level of Fast in Operational Stores for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing

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Frank Ober, Data Center Solutions Architect, Intel       Intel and Aerospike have a partnership and an engineering relationship stretching back several years. Aerospike’s unique hybrid memory architecture, combined with its focus on operational database workloads for enterprise users, push NAND Flash performance to its limits. This guest blog post by Frank Ober of Intel discusses …


What Is an Aerospike Anyway?

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  Our company has a cool and interesting name so I thought I’d use this post to explain what an aerospike is, and why it’s such a fitting name for our database and company. Rockets, nose cones and engines In the aeronautical world, an aerospike can refer to one of two rocket components – both …

Aerospike Telemetry: A First Peek into the Data

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Aerospike CTO and Co-founder Brian Bulkowski:   “On a particular warm and beautiful fall day in 2014, while sitting in a windowless conference room in Palo Alto at The Hive listening to Alistair Croll talk about quantified business and engagement metrics in consumer mobile applications, I recall thinking that enterprise software is not at all the …

Node on FIRE! Optimizing Callback Handler Performance in Aerospike Node.js

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Introduction    Version 2 of the Aerospike Node.js client was released earlier this year; one of our key focus areas was to improve the client’s performance with the switch to asynchronous, non-blocking I/O. Overall, the v2 client improved performance considerably, by 29%. Another major change in version 2 was the adoption of error-first callback semantics to …