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· 8 min read
Richard Andersen

When working with NoSQL databases like Aerospike, which are designed for unstructured data storage, adopting strongly typed languages like C# may introduce programming complexities. These can stem from verifying the presence of "bins" (akin to columns) within a record and bin data types that can change between records.

· 4 min read
Richard Andersen

This blog explores the new Aerospike driver for LINQPad and its available features. Aerospike for LINQPad 7 is a data context dynamic driver for interactively querying and updating an Aerospike database using "LINQPad". LINQPad is a Graphical Development Tool designed for rapid prototyping, data modeling, data mining, drag-and-drop execution, interactive debugging/testing, quickly learn new frameworks/APIs (e.g., Aerospike API ), etc. The Aerospike driver for LINQPad is designed to support all LINQPad features.