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Configure Aerospike Database for AVS

You need to add two namespaces to your Aerospike Database before it can be used for AVS.

Namespace for internal data storage

The Aerospike database must include a namespace for AVS internal system data storage, called proximus-meta by default. This namespace is exclusive to Proximus and used for internal system storage. It should not store any other data (including vectors or index data). This namespace must have nsup enabled. For example:

namespace proximus-meta {
replication-factor 2
memory-size 5G
storage-engine memory
nsup-period 10

See Configuring AVS for details about changing the namespace name.

Namespace for index storage

The Aerospike database must include at least one additional namespaces for vector and AVS index storage. These namespaces may or may not have nsup enabled. The storage configuration (hybrid, in-memory, disk), consistency (AP/SC) should be based on the use case. For example:

namespace image-vectors {
replication-factor 2
# Aerospike on SSD
memory-size 4G
storage-engine device {
device /dev/nvme2
write-block-size 128K
nsup-period 10