Aerospike’s NoSQL Data Platform Improves Conversion Rates and Customer Experience for New Tech Organizations

According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Aerospike, customer analytics is the engine of a customer-centric, insights-driven business. And as the pace of business accelerates and real-time insights become a critical component to growth, new tech organizations must turn to platforms that can deliver analytics in real-time to support modern customer experience initiatives.

With Aerospike’s NoSQL Data Platform, organizations saw profit growth improvements, improved conversion rates, TCO reductions, server footprint reduction, and FTE support reduction.

  • Business impact from analytical deployments

    More accurate personalization and recommednations leads to an improvement in conversion rate ranging from: 0.70% to 1.55%

  • TCO cost savings

    Reduced server cost ranging from 55% to 75%