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Srini at event
Srini Srinivasan, Aerospike Founder & CPO

The next-generation NoSQL real-time database provider has recently released version 5 of its flagship product

Aerospike, the next-generation real-time NoSQL database provider, has released version 5 of its flagship product. The new version includes breakthroughs in the ability to provide Multi Site Clustering, which combine Strong Consistency with support for large-scale, fast-growing business applications worldwide and require very low latency. Version 5 of the Aerospike Database provides a real-time, active-active architecture, which always operates, and as such, strongly and consistently supports globally distributed, growing capability.

According to Aerospike, “Global organizations using relational databases, or legacy NoSQL, are forced to make a trade-off between consistency and high-performance data for large-scale worldwide distributed transactions. The Aerospike database, which provides multi-site clustering capabilities, eliminates the need to decide between strong consistency and low latency, and does so with the horizontal growth, resiliency and flexibility required for organizations whose IT systems are always on.”

“In addition, applications such as digital payment systems or real-time inventory tracking systems, as well as network games rely on highly resilient IT systems, with fast access to data centers distributed around the world. This is because it is wrong to compromise data consistency in every transaction, whether the data is stored in a private, public, hybrid, multi-cloud architecture or between different cloud types,” according to the company.

Significant improvements to the new version

Version 5 of the Aerospike Database includes significant performance improvements and functional enhancements to the XDR (Aerospike Cross Data Center Replication) capability – capabilities to replicate data cross data centers, allowing better management and control of asynchronous data replication, over Clusters which are geographically distributed. These enhancements allow organizations to create a global data hub, which redirects and augments data from the edge to the Data Center, or wherever it needs to be transported to – whether in Aerospike clusters or in another Data repository.

According to Srini Srinivasan, founder of Aerospike and Chief Product Officer, “The business nature of today is that of systems that always operate, almost without fall. Today’s business environment requires data systems that provide strong consistency, world-wide data distribution, with flexibility and high performance. Aerospike’s multi-site clustering capabilities enable organizations to integrate the robust strong consistency of legacy database systems with the data distribution, elasticity, and high performance provided by NoSQL database solutions.”

Srinivasan noted that “It is critical to have a stable database. The database we offer provides reliability and stability of five ninths, which means it works 99.999% of the time. Since organizations run millions of critical business transactions per second, it is important not to lose any information. The database is based on a unique hybrid memory architecture, which integrates RAM and storage, which work together to deliver greater transaction efficiency on each machine. Using our database results in a six to 10-fold reduction in the number of servers in Data Center. The technology we have developed provides the capability for extremely high read and write rates, at the rates of hundreds of thousands and even millions of IOPS per second, using a very small amount of servers, which saves resources and reduces IT costs.”

To read the original Hebrew version, click here.


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