Add-on Integrations for Spark and Kafka — and a New REST Client — Deliver Frictionless Connection of Aerospike Database Across the Enterprise

Mountain View, Calif — March 12, 2019 — Aerospike Inc., the developer of the world’s most trusted and reliable enterprise-grade, non-relational NoSQL database, today launched the Aerospike Connect family of add-on modules, as well as a new REST API, to make it even easier to integrate the Aerospike Database into both new and existing enterprise infrastructure systems.

Both Aerospike Connect for Spark and Aerospike Connect for Kafka eliminate the need for custom coding to integrate the Aerospike Database with other enterprise systems and dramatically reduce support, maintenance and server costs. The Aerospike REST Client enables any enterprise developer to rapidly develop new real-time decisioning applications that need the Aerospike Database — irrespective of application language.

“Organizations are rapidly embracing digital transformation, but often hit hurdles in connecting data, systems and applications across the enterprise,” said John Dillon, CEO, Aerospike. “The Aerospike Connect family and REST Client enable companies to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate the Aerospike Database into other enterprise data systems and to power Petabyte-scale applications and analytics.”

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Aerospike Connect for Spark enables companies to directly integrate the Aerospike Database with their existing Spark infrastructure. In addition, Aerospike Connect for Spark allows companies to combine transactional and historical data stored in the Aerospike Database with streaming event data for consumption by machine learning and artificial intelligence engines using Apache Spark.

Aerospike Connect for Kafka makes it easy for enterprises to exchange data bi-directionally between the Aerospike Database and enterprise transactional systems at the edge and core. It can be deployed in three modes: inbound only, for ingesting data from Kafka into Aerospike; bidirectional, for ingesting data into and out of Aerospike; and developer-enabled outbound, to extract data from Aerospike into custom end points not yet supported.

Aerospike REST Client is an easy and standard interface for the Aerospike Database that enables developers to work with the Aerospike data layer. They can interface in a familiar programming language of their choice for new applications and microservices.

“Aerospike’s Connect for Kafka is an important component of Adobe Experience Platform,” said Sandeep Nawathe, senior director of engineering for Adobe Experience Platform. “Moving data in real time between both our edge and core systems is critical for achieving the personalization our customers expect in this era of Customer Experience Management (CXM). Aerospike Database, coupled with Aerospike Connect for Kafka, helps us maintain the high performance and scale our customers expect.”

Aerospike Connect for Spark and Kafka are available now and the REST API will be available in early April.

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About Aerospike
Aerospike is trusted by leading enterprises around the world to help them build and deploy modern data architecture solutions with confidence. The Aerospike enterprise-grade NoSQL database helps companies power mission critical, strategic operational applications that make digital transformation possible. Powered by a patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ and autonomic cluster management, Aerospike is used by enterprises in the financial services, banking, telecommunications, technology, retail, e-commerce, adtech, martech and gaming industries and is well-suited for fraud prevention, digital wallet, online brokerage, real time analytics and other applications that require extreme uptime, performance and scalability. Aerospike customers include Adobe, Bharti Airtel, FlipKart, Kayak, Nielsen, and Snap. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

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