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Yashi’s online video ad platform relies on flash-optimization of open source Aerospike database to cost-effectively manage billions of ad opportunities.

Mountain View, CA and Toms River, NJ – August 18, 2014 – Today, Aerospike announced that Yashi—a leader in location-focused online video advertising—uses the open source Aerospike flash-optimized in-memory NoSQL database to power its demand-side platform (DSP). Using Aerospike, Yashi’s DSP now analyzes billions of ad opportunities and delivers hundreds of millions of video ads every month.

Headquartered along the Jersey Shore, Yashi focuses on programmatic video advertising with an emphasis on location-focused targeting that lets users view and adjust their campaign specifications in real-time based on campaign performance. The company has developed a unique technology stack, which integrates location-focused technology with real-time bidding, so customers can bid based on auction, site, device and user data. As a result, local and national brands can target communities across the United States precisely where they live, work and play.

Wanted: In-Memory System That Scales

Since 2007, Yashi has relied on a range of databases, and this heterogeneous architecture has served the company well through the years. As Yashi began to experience explosive growth—working with terabytes of live data—the company realized it needed a new data management solution that could meet its requirements for scale, low latency, and high throughput.

As Yashi began evaluating available options on the market, a top priority was achieving speed at scale cost-effectively. The company determined that the ideal solution would be an in-memory system that took advantage of flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs), providing the ability to run at near-DRAM speed for a fraction of the cost.

The search quickly led to the Aerospike flash-optimized in-memory NoSQL database. With Aerospike, data read times from the solid-state drives were significantly faster than the other systems evaluated. These other databases were unable to scale as easily, and they performed much slower on Yashi’s benchmark tests. The company was also attracted to Aerospike’s ability to scale with simplicity and its cross-data center replication functionality.

“Most databases would stop performing well at the scale we were working with, but the Aerospike database was able to perform at that scale and beyond,” said Yashi Chief Technology Officer Larry Nolan. “We also needed low latency queries on large data sets and cross-data center replication to support expansion across our data centers. Aerospike had solutions that fulfilled both of these needs while ensuring reliability and superior speed.”

Aerospike for Cost-Effective High-Speed Scale

Yashi now utilizes the Aerospike database to support its demand-side platform. Aerospike serves as the user profile and ID mapping store, so Yashi can segment users and map the IDs associated with them.

Currently, Yashi has Aerospike clusters located in its East and West Coast data centers, managed by SoftLayer, Inc. Running on bare metal servers, each Aerospike cluster reliably manages tens of thousands of transactions per second against hundreds of billions of objects and data stored in a combination of DRAM and Intel SSDs.

“Aerospike has made us more efficient by drastically reducing the amount of time we need to spend on development and maintenance, and it has allowed us to introduce new functionality, such as ID mapping, which is now a big part of our business,” Mr. Nolan notes. “With Aerospike, we have gained the confidence and results we desired when working at our scale. We know that we can easily stand up a new server in a new data center, and everything will take care of itself.”

“Yashi is one of the foremost innovators in harnessing the power of geo-targeting to help marketers strengthen their digital video advertising campaigns,” said Aerospike Founder and CTO Brian Bulkowski. “We are thrilled by Yashi’s success in supporting its phenomenal growth with the near-linear scaling, predictable real-time performance, and reliable self-management of our Aerospike database.”

About Yashi

Yashi is a privately held, location focused online video advertising platform. The company has developed a proprietary demand side platform that analyzes billions of video ad opportunities, in real-time, and delivers hundreds of millions of video ads every month. The company is located at the Jersey Shore and has experienced rapid growth with a historical compounded annual revenue growth rate of 70% since inception. For more information, please visit and follow @yashi.

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