Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Learn about Aerospike Graph, the massively scalable, high-performance graph database made to handle complex interconnections in real-time.

Aerospike’s Vikranth Dharamshi, Sales Engineer – APAC, introduces Aerospike Graph in this session and shares how it enables organizations to uncover relationships across diverse data sets, allowing for easy querying and constant updates. This presentation presents a comparison against existing solutions, exploring real-time property graphs, and highlighting its architecture and benefits.

Highlights covered:

🌱 Graph databases model complex networks and interconnections between data, allowing for intuitive representation and querying through applications.

🌱 Popularity and adoption of graph databases are increasing, with a projected rise of up to 80% by 2025, driven by the need for real-time analysis of complex relationships.

🌱 Real-time property graphs provide insights into complex relationships, aiding industries like advertising, e-commerce, and finance in targeted advertising, fraud detection, and recommendation engines.

🌱 Identity graphs, a type of real-time property graph, offer unified views of entities, allowing organizations to understand interactions and enhance customer experiences.

🌱 Aerospike Graph addresses market gaps by providing a massively scalable, low-latency solution capable of handling trillions of edges and vertices, delivering real-time OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) performance.

🌱 Aerospike’s architecture includes a native graph query language interface (Gremlin) and efficient bulk loading tools, supporting multimodal database capabilities with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

🌱 Aerospike’s graph architecture separates the graph service layer from the underlying Aerospike database, ensuring independent scalability and high throughput for various workloads.

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