Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

About this video

Hear how InMobi has been using Aerospike for over a decade to supercharge its operations.

In this session, Anshul Garg, Director of Demand Platforms at InMobi, an app advertising company, shares how his team has been using Aerospike for over a decade to address various needs, including user profiling, ad caching, real-time data access for budgetary calculations, and traffic shaping through intelligent algorithms.

Aerospike’s features, like UDF functions, help optimize performance and reduce latency, enabling them to handle millions of queries per second with sub-10 millisecond latency.

Highlights covered:

🌱 InMobi relies on Aerospike to support their app advertising domain and has over 15 years of experience in the field.

🌱 The company’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) focuses on helping app developers acquire users, ensure high user lifetime value, and maximize return on ad spend while prioritizing user privacy.

🌱 Aerospike plays a critical role in caching, feature store, and real-time data access for budget calculations in InMobi’s DSP.

🌱 Inline user profiling with Aerospike assists in understanding user behavior, enabling precise targeting and bidding strategies.

🌱 InMobi uses Aerospike to handle massive traffic volumes, relying on intelligent algorithms powered by the stored signals.

🌱 Low-latency and efficient data handling are crucial in the tech world, and Aerospike helps InMobi achieve sub-10 millisecond latency for their user data.

🌱 InMobi operates at a large scale, with clusters handling millions of queries per second, 10 billion stored keys, 30 TB of data, and more than 50 nodes across different geographical locations.