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Gaining a real-time decision advantage at the tactical edge

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Tactical edge computing is a pivotal advancement that processes information in challenging connectivity environments. It addresses bandwidth and connectivity limitations to meet the demand for real-time decision-making in resource-constrained scenarios, such as military operations.

In a world where the fight will be won by the side with the most real-time, accurate, and understandable data — the ability to securely and quickly access information without the worry of interoperability limitations is crucial.

In this brief, you’ll discover how to overcome the challenges of decisioning at the tactical edge in contested environments using Aerospike.

It’s key to select a database that:

  • Remains fully operational even in disconnected environments for efficiency in edge decision-making situations
  • Can be integrated into deployable, small-form, factor-converged tactical edge servers
  • Capable of deployment on multiple nodes on tactical edge systems to process sensor data locally and provide resiliency if a node goes down
  • Handles massive volume ingest and multi-model support for all data types