Best-of-Breed Technologies to Optimize Mobile Banking, Payments and Fraud



Presented by:
Stuart Tarmy, Global Director of Financial Services, Aerospike

About this talk:
Smartphones and the mobile internet are disrupting digital banking and payments, and new open banking requirements are accelerating this process. According to McKinsey, ‘digital winners’ are seeing the most significant market share and customer gains, and most of these customers are open to purchasing more banking services through digital channels. As a result, financial institutions are heavily investing in digital banking and payments technology to claim a share of this market ahead of their competitors.

Developing the capability to deliver digital banking and payments doesn’t have to be painful or stressful on the balance sheet. See what is possible when it comes to:

  • Creating a robust, unified, centralized customer datastore
  • Converting mainframe, batch-oriented systems into real-time, customer-facing applications
  • Protecting yourself and your customers with best-of-breed, real-time fraud prevention
  • Best practice architectures for real-time performance at enterprise scale and significantly reduced TCO

Learn how Aerospike’s real-time data platform is helping financial institutions modernize digital banking, payments, and fraud infrastructures while increasing customer adoption. Aerospike allows you to act in real-time (<20 ms) across enormous data sets (terabytes, petabytes) and billions of transactions while reducing your TCO and server footprint by up to 80 percent.