Exploring Security in Aerospike Enterprise Edition white paper


When it comes to securing operational data, it pays to play it safe. And Aerospike clients in financial services, retail, telecommunications, adtech and other industries are doing just that, thanks to the system’s comprehensive suite of security features that protect client data from unauthorized or inappropriate access. Aerospike even enables administrators to define fine-grained audit trails to track important system events, such as attempted logins and data access operations.

This paper helps you explore the security features that Aerospike offers. These include mechanisms for authenticating users to the system, authorizing users to perform specific operations, encrypting data at rest and in motion, and more. If you’re not a database security specialist, don’t worry – this paper will explain basic concepts as needed. And if you’re not already familiar with Aerospike, a separate white paper will quickly bring you up to speed on its technology and help you understand how firms are using its platform to cut their server footprints up to 90% and enjoy total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of $1 to $10 million per application compared with other solutions.

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