Is Your Cache-based Data Architecture Obsolete?

Database cache can be a poor choice to handle Internet-scale transactional workloads. In addition to availability and reliability issues, the hardware and operational costs cannot be sustained at scale.

Database Caching Background

For years using an external caching layer with an RDBMS was the accepted conventional wisdom for attaining performance and reliability.  Data was kept in memory by the cache to reduce the amount of time spent querying the underlying data store. As data volumes grew, NoSQL databases were substituted for the RDBMS to provide horizontal scaling to clusters and to keep latency down.

Digital Transformation Happened

Simple web applications have transformed into edge-based systems of engagement (SoE) that are now serving billions of objects, with millions of contextual data points and enabling rich interactions and engagement – all in a few milliseconds. Data has grown in both velocity and volume – the more data, delivered faster, the richer the engagement and the better the decision.  Larger datasets of up to 40TB to 100TB are now common, according to Forrester Research, and there is no end in sight to data growth or to transaction velocity.

Fundamental Issues with a Cache Database

The only way to support modern velocities and simultaneously deal with growing database cache volumes is to subscribe to a never-ending cycle of adding cache nodes and deploying increasingly more complex cache management systems and strategies.

This approach ignores the high cost of external DRAM caching layers. As data volumes expand external caching solutions are un-fundable over time and require a significant investment in managing complex data lifecycle issues such as cache consistency and correctness. Translation: cache is unaffordable, un-trustable, and unstable at high volumes.

Signs of Serious Cache Trouble

Aerospike can help if you are experiencing any of the following.

  • Your Nodes Are Growing Uncontrollably

    Is growth in data volume or access patterns driving the need for enormous clusters (30 nodes or more)? Is your budget for memory and servers frequently going above and beyond your projections?

  • Repopulating Your Cache Takes Hours or Even Days

    Are you frequently holding new nodes or servers out of production while the cache gets re-populated? Is your data out of date by the time repopulation is complete?

  • You Have an Entire Team Dedicated to Cache Management

    While very interesting on a technical level, scaling issues are hardly the core of your business. Are you allocating more time and human capital towards fixing scaling issues than you would like?

  • Cache Stampedes Happen Often

    Does your database architecture experience frequent cache stampedes? Have you tried different algorithms to solve this problem, with no success?

  • Your Data Volume Is Large Enough that You Need Clustering

    Do you have the resources to rearchitect your database system for clustering? Are you concerned that the new architecture will not be able to handle further growth?

Why Aerospike?

The Aerospike Database – powered by Hybrid Memory Architecture – allows you to eliminate your cache problems while lowering your TCO

Go Cacheless, Transform Your Data Architecture

The way Systems of Engagement (SOEs) are used is changing. Aerospike eliminates the need for a caching layer, gives a competitive advantage to the firms building SOEs.

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