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as_cdt_internal.h File Reference
#include <aerospike/as_msgpack.h>
#include <aerospike/as_cdt_ctx.h>
#include <aerospike/as_operations.h>
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#define as_cdt_begin()
#define as_cdt_end(pk)
#define as_cmp_error()


bool as_cdt_add_packed (as_packer *pk, as_operations *ops, const char *name, as_operator op_type)
bool as_cdt_ctx_from_unpacker (as_cdt_ctx *ctx, as_unpacker *pk)
uint32_t as_cdt_ctx_pack (const as_cdt_ctx *ctx, as_packer *pk)
void as_cdt_pack_ctx (as_packer *pk, as_cdt_ctx *ctx)
void as_cdt_pack_header (as_packer *pk, as_cdt_ctx *ctx, uint16_t command, uint32_t count)
void as_cdt_pack_header_flag (as_packer *pk, as_cdt_ctx *ctx, uint16_t command, uint32_t count, uint32_t flag)
static void as_pack_byte_string (as_packer *pk, const uint8_t *b, uint32_t len)
static void as_pack_string (as_packer *pk, const char *s)
bool as_unpack_bytes_init (as_unpacker *pk, uint8_t *b, uint32_t max)
bool as_unpack_bytes_new (as_unpacker *pk, uint8_t **bytes, uint32_t *bytes_size, uint32_t max)
bool as_unpack_str_init (as_unpacker *pk, char *str, uint32_t max)
bool as_unpack_str_new (as_unpacker *pk, char **str, uint32_t max)
bool as_val_compare (as_val *v1, as_val *v2)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define as_cdt_begin ( )
while (true) {

Definition at line 31 of file as_cdt_internal.h.

#define as_cdt_end (   pk)
if (!(pk)->buffer) {\
(pk)->buffer = cf_malloc((pk)->offset);\
(pk)->capacity = (pk)->offset;\
(pk)->offset = 0;\
(pk)->head = NULL;\
(pk)->tail = NULL;\

Definition at line 35 of file as_cdt_internal.h.

#define as_cmp_error ( )
printf("Line %d\n", __LINE__);\
return false;

Definition at line 94 of file as_cdt_internal.h.

Function Documentation

bool as_cdt_add_packed ( as_packer pk,
as_operations ops,
const char *  name,
as_operator  op_type 
bool as_cdt_ctx_from_unpacker ( as_cdt_ctx ctx,
as_unpacker pk 
uint32_t as_cdt_ctx_pack ( const as_cdt_ctx ctx,
as_packer pk 
void as_cdt_pack_ctx ( as_packer pk,
as_cdt_ctx ctx 
void as_cdt_pack_header ( as_packer pk,
as_cdt_ctx ctx,
uint16_t  command,
uint32_t  count 
void as_cdt_pack_header_flag ( as_packer pk,
as_cdt_ctx ctx,
uint16_t  command,
uint32_t  count,
uint32_t  flag 
static void as_pack_byte_string ( as_packer pk,
const uint8_t *  b,
uint32_t  len 

Definition at line 77 of file as_cdt_internal.h.

References as_pack_str().

static void as_pack_string ( as_packer pk,
const char *  s 

Definition at line 70 of file as_cdt_internal.h.

References as_pack_str().

bool as_unpack_bytes_init ( as_unpacker pk,
uint8_t *  b,
uint32_t  max 
bool as_unpack_bytes_new ( as_unpacker pk,
uint8_t **  bytes,
uint32_t *  bytes_size,
uint32_t  max 
bool as_unpack_str_init ( as_unpacker pk,
char *  str,
uint32_t  max 
bool as_unpack_str_new ( as_unpacker pk,
char **  str,
uint32_t  max 
bool as_val_compare ( as_val v1,
as_val v2