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Data Fields
as_binops Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Sequence of operations.

as_operations_inita(&ops, 2);
as_operations_add_incr(&ops, "bin1", 123);
as_operations_add_append_str(&ops, "bin2", "abc");

Definition at line 89 of file as_operations.h.

#include "as_operations.h"

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Data Fields

uint16_t capacity
uint16_t size

Field Documentation

◆ capacity

uint16_t as_binops::capacity

Number of entries allocated

Definition at line 99 of file as_operations.h.

◆ entries

as_binop* as_binops::entries

Sequence of entries

Definition at line 94 of file as_operations.h.

◆ size

uint16_t as_binops::size

Number of entries used

Definition at line 104 of file as_operations.h.

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