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as_policy_info Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Info Policy

Definition at line 1397 of file as_policy.h.

#include "as_policy.h"

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Data Fields

bool check_bounds
bool send_as_is
uint32_t timeout

Related Symbols

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static void as_policy_info_copy (const as_policy_info *src, as_policy_info *trg)
static as_policy_infoas_policy_info_init (as_policy_info *p)

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ as_policy_info_copy()

static void as_policy_info_copy ( const as_policy_info * src,
as_policy_info * trg )

Copy as_policy_info values.

srcThe source policy.
trgThe target policy.

Definition at line 1965 of file as_policy.h.

◆ as_policy_info_init()

static as_policy_info * as_policy_info_init ( as_policy_info * p)

Initialize as_policy_info to default values.

pThe policy to initialize.
The initialized policy.

Definition at line 1948 of file as_policy.h.

References AS_POLICY_TOTAL_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT, check_bounds, send_as_is, and timeout.

Field Documentation

◆ check_bounds

bool as_policy_info::check_bounds

Ensure the request is within allowable size limits.

Definition at line 1412 of file as_policy.h.

◆ send_as_is

bool as_policy_info::send_as_is

Send request without any further processing.

Definition at line 1407 of file as_policy.h.

◆ timeout

uint32_t as_policy_info::timeout

Maximum time in milliseconds to wait for the operation to complete.

Definition at line 1402 of file as_policy.h.

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