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Data Fields
as_batch_apply_record Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Batch UDF (user defined function) apply.

Definition at line 178 of file aerospike_batch.h.

#include "aerospike_batch.h"

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Data Fields

const char *const char * function
bool has_write
bool in_doubt
as_key key
const as_policy_batch_applypolicy
as_record record
as_status result
as_batch_type type

Field Documentation

◆ arglist

as_list* as_batch_apply_record::arglist

Optional arguments to lua function. If defined, the user must call as_arraylist_destroy() when done with the batch.

Definition at line 207 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ function

const char* const char* as_batch_apply_record::function

Package or lua module name. If heap defined, the user must free when done with the batch. Lua function name. If heap defined, the user must free when done with the batch.

Definition at line 201 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ has_write

bool as_batch_apply_record::has_write

Definition at line 183 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ in_doubt

bool as_batch_apply_record::in_doubt

Definition at line 184 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ key

as_key as_batch_apply_record::key

Definition at line 179 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ policy

const as_policy_batch_apply* as_batch_apply_record::policy

Optional apply policy.

Definition at line 189 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ record

as_record as_batch_apply_record::record

Definition at line 180 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ result

as_status as_batch_apply_record::result

Definition at line 181 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ type

as_batch_type as_batch_apply_record::type

Definition at line 182 of file aerospike_batch.h.

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