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as_policy_read Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Read Policy

Definition at line 550 of file as_policy.h.

#include "as_policy.h"

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Data Fields

bool async_heap_rec
as_policy_base base
bool deserialize
as_policy_key key
as_policy_read_mode_ap read_mode_ap
as_policy_read_mode_sc read_mode_sc
int read_touch_ttl_percent
as_policy_replica replica

Related Symbols

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static void as_policy_read_copy (const as_policy_read *src, as_policy_read *trg)
static as_policy_readas_policy_read_init (as_policy_read *p)

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ as_policy_read_copy()

static void as_policy_read_copy ( const as_policy_read * src,
as_policy_read * trg )

Shallow copy as_policy_read values.

srcThe source policy.
trgThe target policy.

Definition at line 1601 of file as_policy.h.

◆ as_policy_read_init()

static as_policy_read * as_policy_read_init ( as_policy_read * p)

Initialize as_policy_read to default values.

pThe policy to initialize.
The initialized policy.

Definition at line 1579 of file as_policy.h.

References as_policy_base_read_init(), AS_POLICY_KEY_DEFAULT, AS_POLICY_READ_MODE_AP_DEFAULT, AS_POLICY_READ_MODE_SC_DEFAULT, AS_POLICY_REPLICA_DEFAULT, async_heap_rec, base, deserialize, key, read_mode_ap, read_mode_sc, read_touch_ttl_percent, and replica.

Field Documentation

◆ async_heap_rec

bool as_policy_read::async_heap_rec

Should as_record instance be allocated on the heap before user listener is called in async commands. If true, the user is responsible for calling as_record_destroy() when done with the record. If false, as_record_destroy() is automatically called by the client after the user listener function completes. This field is ignored for sync commands.

Default: false

Definition at line 616 of file as_policy.h.

◆ base

as_policy_base as_policy_read::base

Generic policy fields.

Definition at line 555 of file as_policy.h.

◆ deserialize

bool as_policy_read::deserialize

Should raw bytes representing a list or map be deserialized to as_list or as_map. Set to false for backup programs that just need access to raw bytes.

Default: true

Definition at line 606 of file as_policy.h.

◆ key

as_policy_key as_policy_read::key

Specifies the behavior for the key.

Definition at line 560 of file as_policy.h.

◆ read_mode_ap

as_policy_read_mode_ap as_policy_read::read_mode_ap

Read policy for AP (availability) namespaces. Default: AS_POLICY_READ_MODE_AP_ONE

Definition at line 571 of file as_policy.h.

◆ read_mode_sc

as_policy_read_mode_sc as_policy_read::read_mode_sc

Read policy for SC (strong consistency) namespaces. Default: AS_POLICY_READ_MODE_SC_SESSION

Definition at line 577 of file as_policy.h.

◆ read_touch_ttl_percent

int as_policy_read::read_touch_ttl_percent

Determine how record TTL (time to live) is affected on reads. When enabled, the server can efficiently operate as a read-based LRU cache where the least recently used records are expired. The value is expressed as a percentage of the TTL sent on the most recent write such that a read within this interval of the record’s end of life will generate a touch.

For example, if the most recent write had a TTL of 10 hours and read_touch_ttl_percent is set to 80, the next read within 8 hours of the record's end of life (equivalent to 2 hours after the most recent write) will result in a touch, resetting the TTL to another 10 hours.


  • 0 : Use server config default-read-touch-ttl-pct for the record's namespace/set.
  • -1 : Do not reset record TTL on reads.
  • 1 - 100 : Reset record TTL on reads when within this percentage of the most recent write TTL.

Default: 0

Definition at line 598 of file as_policy.h.

◆ replica

as_policy_replica as_policy_read::replica

Algorithm used to determine target node.

Definition at line 565 of file as_policy.h.

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