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Data Fields
as_batch_read_record Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Batch key and read only operations with read policy.

Definition at line 108 of file aerospike_batch.h.

#include "aerospike_batch.h"

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Data Fields

char ** bin_names
bool has_write
bool in_doubt
as_key key
uint32_t n_bin_names
const as_policy_batch_readpolicy
bool read_all_bins
as_record record
as_status result
as_batch_type type

Field Documentation

◆ bin_names

char** as_batch_read_record::bin_names

Bin names requested for this key. bin_names are mutually exclusive with ops. If heap defined, the user must free when done with the batch.

Definition at line 131 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ has_write

bool as_batch_read_record::has_write

Definition at line 113 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ in_doubt

bool as_batch_read_record::in_doubt

Definition at line 114 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ key

as_key as_batch_read_record::key

Definition at line 109 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ n_bin_names

uint32_t as_batch_read_record::n_bin_names

Count of bin names requested for this key.

Definition at line 136 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ ops

as_operations* as_batch_read_record::ops

Read operations for this key. ops are mutually exclusive with bin_names. If defined, the user must call as_operations_destroy() when done with the batch.

Definition at line 125 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ policy

const as_policy_batch_read* as_batch_read_record::policy

Optional read policy.

Definition at line 119 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ read_all_bins

bool as_batch_read_record::read_all_bins

If true, ignore bin_names and read all bins. If false and bin_names are set, read specified bin_names. If false and bin_names are not set, read record header (generation, expiration) only.

Definition at line 143 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ record

as_record as_batch_read_record::record

Definition at line 110 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ result

as_status as_batch_read_record::result

Definition at line 111 of file aerospike_batch.h.

◆ type

as_batch_type as_batch_read_record::type

Definition at line 112 of file aerospike_batch.h.

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