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Data Fields
as_event_loop Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Generic asynchronous event loop abstraction. There is one event loop per thread. Event loops can be created by the client, or be referenced to externally created event loops.

Definition at line 107 of file as_event.h.

#include "as_event.h"

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Data Fields

as_queue delay_queue
uint32_t errors
uint32_t index
pthread_mutex_t lock
void * loop
int max_commands_in_process
uint32_t max_commands_in_queue
struct as_event_loopnext
int pending
bool pipe_cb_calling
as_queue pipe_cb_queue
as_queue queue
pthread_t thread
bool using_delay_queue

Field Documentation

◆ delay_queue

as_queue as_event_loop::delay_queue

Definition at line 126 of file as_event.h.

◆ errors

uint32_t as_event_loop::errors

Definition at line 135 of file as_event.h.

◆ index

uint32_t as_event_loop::index

Definition at line 129 of file as_event.h.

◆ lock

pthread_mutex_t as_event_loop::lock

Definition at line 124 of file as_event.h.

◆ loop

void* as_event_loop::loop

Definition at line 120 of file as_event.h.

◆ max_commands_in_process

int as_event_loop::max_commands_in_process

Definition at line 131 of file as_event.h.

◆ max_commands_in_queue

uint32_t as_event_loop::max_commands_in_queue

Definition at line 130 of file as_event.h.

◆ next

struct as_event_loop* as_event_loop::next

Definition at line 123 of file as_event.h.

◆ pending

int as_event_loop::pending

Definition at line 132 of file as_event.h.

◆ pipe_cb_calling

bool as_event_loop::pipe_cb_calling

Definition at line 137 of file as_event.h.

◆ pipe_cb_queue

as_queue as_event_loop::pipe_cb_queue

Definition at line 127 of file as_event.h.

◆ queue

as_queue as_event_loop::queue

Definition at line 125 of file as_event.h.

◆ thread

pthread_t as_event_loop::thread

Definition at line 128 of file as_event.h.

◆ using_delay_queue

bool as_event_loop::using_delay_queue

Definition at line 136 of file as_event.h.

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