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as_policy_query Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Query Policy

Definition at line 1269 of file as_policy.h.

#include "as_policy.h"

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Data Fields

as_policy_base base
bool deserialize
as_query_duration expected_duration
bool fail_on_cluster_change
uint32_t info_timeout
as_policy_replica replica
bool short_query

Related Symbols

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static void as_policy_query_copy (const as_policy_query *src, as_policy_query *trg)
static as_policy_queryas_policy_query_init (as_policy_query *p)

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ as_policy_query_copy()

static void as_policy_query_copy ( const as_policy_query * src,
as_policy_query * trg )

Shallow copy as_policy_query values.

srcThe source policy.
trgThe target policy.

Definition at line 1934 of file as_policy.h.

◆ as_policy_query_init()

static as_policy_query * as_policy_query_init ( as_policy_query * p)

Initialize as_policy_query to default values.

pThe policy to initialize.
The initialized policy.

Definition at line 1913 of file as_policy.h.

References as_policy_base_query_init(), AS_POLICY_REPLICA_SEQUENCE, AS_QUERY_DURATION_LONG, base, deserialize, expected_duration, fail_on_cluster_change, info_timeout, replica, and short_query.

Field Documentation

◆ base

as_policy_base as_policy_query::base

Generic policy fields.

Definition at line 1274 of file as_policy.h.

◆ deserialize

bool as_policy_query::deserialize

Should raw bytes representing a list or map be deserialized to as_list or as_map. Set to false for backup programs that just need access to raw bytes.

Default: true

Definition at line 1311 of file as_policy.h.

◆ expected_duration

as_query_duration as_policy_query::expected_duration

Expected query duration. The server treats the query in different ways depending on the expected duration. This field is ignored for aggregation queries, background queries and server versions < 6.0.


Definition at line 1295 of file as_policy.h.

◆ fail_on_cluster_change

bool as_policy_query::fail_on_cluster_change

Terminate query if cluster is in migration state. If the server supports partition queries or the query filter is null (scan), this field is ignored.

Default: false

Definition at line 1303 of file as_policy.h.

◆ info_timeout

uint32_t as_policy_query::info_timeout

Timeout used when info command is used that checks for cluster changes before and after the query. This timeout is only used when fail_on_cluster_change is enabled.

Default: 10000 ms

Definition at line 1282 of file as_policy.h.

◆ replica

as_policy_replica as_policy_query::replica

Algorithm used to determine target node.

Definition at line 1287 of file as_policy.h.

◆ short_query

bool as_policy_query::short_query

This field is deprecated and will eventually be removed. Use expected_duration instead.

For backwards compatibility: If short_query is true, the query is treated as a short query and expected_duration is ignored. If short_query is false, expected_duration is used and defaults to AS_QUERY_DURATION_LONG.

Is query expected to return less than 100 records per node. If true, the server will optimize the query for a small record set. This field is ignored for aggregation queries, background queries and server versions < 6.0.

Default: false

Use expected_duration instead.

Definition at line 1329 of file as_policy.h.

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