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Data Fields
as_tls_context Struct Reference

Detailed Description

This structure holds TLS context which can be shared (read-only) by all the connections to a specific cluster.

Definition at line 64 of file as_socket.h.

#include "as_socket.h"

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Data Fields

void * cert_blacklist
bool for_login_only
pthread_mutex_t lock
bool log_session_info
struct evp_pkey_st * pkey
struct ssl_ctx_st * ssl_ctx

Field Documentation

◆ cert_blacklist

void* as_tls_context::cert_blacklist

Definition at line 68 of file as_socket.h.

◆ for_login_only

bool as_tls_context::for_login_only

Definition at line 70 of file as_socket.h.

◆ lock

pthread_mutex_t as_tls_context::lock

Definition at line 65 of file as_socket.h.

◆ log_session_info

bool as_tls_context::log_session_info

Definition at line 69 of file as_socket.h.

◆ pkey

struct evp_pkey_st* as_tls_context::pkey

Definition at line 67 of file as_socket.h.

◆ ssl_ctx

struct ssl_ctx_st* as_tls_context::ssl_ctx

Definition at line 66 of file as_socket.h.

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