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Aerospike is the world's leading real-time data platform

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"At the heart of Aerospike is a belief in life changing innovation - that the ability for companies to leverage large scale data sets at exceptional speed can transform the way we work and live - for the better. Our customers are building new business models and unlocking value in ways never thought possible. As a result, they are building and leading industries, disrupting archaic systems and delivering outstanding products and services that delight their customers. At Aerospike we earn our customers' trust every day and strive to become their real-time data platform partner of choice for mission critical applications that help them change the world."
John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer
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At Aerospike, we dream big. Our focus is tackling challenging problems and doing what’s never been done before. That is why we developed a real-time data platform designed for organizations to build applications that fight fraud, enable global digital payments, deliver hyper-personalized user experiences to tens of millions of customers, and much more. Check out our open positions and join us today.

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