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as_thread_pool.h File Reference
#include <aerospike/as_std.h>
#include <citrusleaf/cf_queue.h>
#include <pthread.h>
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Data Structures

struct  as_thread_pool


typedef void(* as_fini_fn) (void)
typedef void(* as_task_fn) (void *user_data)


int as_thread_pool_destroy (as_thread_pool *pool)
int as_thread_pool_init (as_thread_pool *pool, uint32_t thread_size)
int as_thread_pool_queue_task (as_thread_pool *pool, as_task_fn task_fn, void *task)

Typedef Documentation

◆ as_fini_fn

typedef void(* as_fini_fn) (void)

Thread finalization function callback.

Definition at line 41 of file as_thread_pool.h.

◆ as_task_fn

typedef void(* as_task_fn) (void *user_data)

Task function callback.

Definition at line 35 of file as_thread_pool.h.

Function Documentation

◆ as_thread_pool_destroy()

int as_thread_pool_destroy ( as_thread_pool * pool)

Destroy thread pool.

Returns: 0 : Success -1 : Failed to lock mutex -2 : Pool has already been closed

◆ as_thread_pool_init()

int as_thread_pool_init ( as_thread_pool * pool,
uint32_t thread_size )

Initialize variable task thread pool and start thread_size threads. Multiple task types can be handled in variable task thread pools.

Returns: 0 : Success -1 : Failed to initialize mutex lock -2 : Failed to lock mutex -3 : Some threads failed to start

◆ as_thread_pool_queue_task()

int as_thread_pool_queue_task ( as_thread_pool * pool,
as_task_fn task_fn,
void * task )

Queue a variable task onto thread pool.

Returns: 0 : Success -1 : No threads are running to process task. -2 : Failed to push task onto dispatch queue