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as_msgpack_ext.h File Reference
#include <aerospike/as_std.h>
#include <aerospike/as_val.h>
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AS_EXTERN void as_cmp_inf_val_destroy (as_val *v)
AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_cmp_inf_val_hashcode (const as_val *v)
AS_EXTERN char * as_cmp_inf_val_tostring (const as_val *v)
AS_EXTERN void as_cmp_wildcard_val_destroy (as_val *v)
AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_cmp_wildcard_val_hashcode (const as_val *v)
AS_EXTERN char * as_cmp_wildcard_val_tostring (const as_val *v)


AS_EXTERN const as_val as_cmp_inf
AS_EXTERN const as_val as_cmp_wildcard

Function Documentation

◆ as_cmp_inf_val_destroy()

AS_EXTERN void as_cmp_inf_val_destroy ( as_val * v)

◆ as_cmp_inf_val_hashcode()

AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_cmp_inf_val_hashcode ( const as_val * v)

◆ as_cmp_inf_val_tostring()

AS_EXTERN char * as_cmp_inf_val_tostring ( const as_val * v)

◆ as_cmp_wildcard_val_destroy()

AS_EXTERN void as_cmp_wildcard_val_destroy ( as_val * v)

◆ as_cmp_wildcard_val_hashcode()

AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_cmp_wildcard_val_hashcode ( const as_val * v)

◆ as_cmp_wildcard_val_tostring()

AS_EXTERN char * as_cmp_wildcard_val_tostring ( const as_val * v)