Aerospike Standup Volume 30

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June 9, 2021|3 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup, a newsletter written by developers for developers, that brings together blog posts, questions from the community, documentation, releases and events, written by the Aerospike team.

The sessions from our user summit are now available on our Developer Hub. We’ve also added more content to our Explainer Videos, you can now learn about Data Distribution, Clustering and Succession List.

We’ve released server version 5.6! This comes with several bigger changes including the need to upgrade Aerospike Connect Outbound, a change in the behaviour of a UDF returning a Boolean value from int to book, the removal of scan-related values (priority, fail_on_cluster_change, scan percent options), and others. Please make sure you read the release notes carefully, for the Enterprise Edition and for the Community Edition.

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BTW, did we mention that all the Aerospike Summit talks are available on demand?

Upcoming Events

  • On June 7 you can join our Infrastructure for ML Applications in Go workshop as part of the Microsoft CodeFest week on June 6-10.

  • Join us at DevOpsCon Berlin on June 14-17 for the talk about our Kubernetes Operator.

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