Aerospike Standup Volume 40

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October 27, 2021|2 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup, a newsletter written by developers for developers, that brings together blog posts, questions from the community, documentation, releases and events, written by the Aerospike team.

We’ve added an introduction to Jupyter notebooks video tutorial

Our available Jupyter tutorials are:

See them all here in our Binder Hub!

We also have new explainer videos, this volume’s spotlight is about Flexible Reads in Strong Consistency mode.

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Questions From the Community

New Articles

Knowledge Base

Upcoming Events

  • On November 6 Natalie will speak about Intro to DevOps at the

    Auburn DevFest 2021

  • On November 16 Natalie will speak about the Aerospike k8s operator at the

    Go Day conference

  • On December 7 Natalie will be giving the closing keynote of day 1 at GopherCon. Join the talk about AI-Driven Development in Go

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