Aerospike Summit ’20 Goes Virtual

John Dillon,
John Dillon
Chairman of the Board
March 13, 2020|2 min read

We have been closely monitoring developments related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Given the continued uncertainty of the situation and in the best interests of all participants, we’ve decided to make Aerospike Summit ’20 an online gathering this year in lieu of the live event.

Virtual meetings and conferences are convenient – and we’re pleased to have this option – but they don’t allow for the personal interaction that takes place in the hallways, sessions and receptions at an in-person conference. Those interactions often provide the most fertile ground for fostering relationships and sharing ideas and experiences. I assure you that the Aerospike team is working tirelessly to produce a creative virtual program that not only delivers compelling presentations, but also offers you a variety of ways to engage with others in the Aerospike community.

Also, there will be no cost to you for being part of Aerospike’s virtual Summit ’20. We hope you’ll keep us on your calendar for May 12-14.

As a company, Aerospike always looks forward to hosting our customers, partners and employees from around the globe. The circumstances in 2020 may be different, but our eagerness and excitement is not diminished in the least. To use an often-heard expression from my Navy days, full steam ahead!

We look forward to being with you in May.