Expanding Developer Support for Spring Data

Tim Faulkes
Chief Developer Advocate
March 21, 2023|2 min read
Stacey Kruczek
Director of Developer Relations
March 21, 2023|2 min read

Spring Data Aerospike now supports the latest version of Spring Data 3 for mapping of Java objects to the Aerospike database. Java developers can now leverage the power, speed and flexibility of the Aerospike database without having to write boilerplate code to transform their object to the database.

Both synchronous and reactive (non-blocking) programming styles are supported, and the implementation provides a slew of features aimed at increasing developer productivity. These include:

  • Configuration-driven development

  • Automatic (code-less) creation of queries by method name

  • Projections to optimize network traffic and reduce application complexity by retrieving only the fields relevant to a particular use case

  • Automatic sorting and pagination

  • Versioning of data with Check-and-Set (CAS) semantics

  • And much more!

Spring Data is heavily used in production by many of our Java customers and having Aerospike Engineering supporting the product gives them confidence in the longevity of their applications to meet their real-time data needs at scale.

If you're new to Spring Data, check out our "Getting Started" guide on the Aerospike Developer Hub.

Developers can download a free 60-day trial of Aerospike Enterprise Edition to see how this works.

Some advantages include:

  • Ease of Use: Enables faster and easier to utilize real-time object data in Java applications

  • Performance: Faster, more efficient data retrieval from object stores in Aerospike

  • More powerful queries: Expanded query capabilities for both nested and plain Java objects (POJO)

  • Increased developer productivity: Shields development from the complexity of the data backend

Want to learn more? Here are some highlighted resources to get you started:

Questions? Let us know!