Forrester TEI Study Shows Aerospike Delivers Significant Projected ROI

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December 8, 2020|2 min read

More and more companies across a variety of industries are deploying mission critical applications that process large scale data volumes in real time. Understanding the economic impact of data platforms such as Aerospike that support these applications is critical.Aerospike recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study of customers using Aerospike in a number of different real-time deployments and found the following economic benefits projected over three years:

  • Projected ROI between 446% to 574%

  • Total business value from an analytical deployment ranged from $45M to 49.8M

  • Total business value from a transactional deployment ranged from $20.5M to $30.2M

  • Total business value from an operational deployment ranged from $473.1K to $780.4K

  • Reduced server footprint by 55% to 75% on average each year

  • Improved developer efficiencies by redeploying .5 to 1.5 FTEs, annually to more value-add work

Solving Universal Challenges

Aerospike has helped customers across different industries solve similar challenges in deploying real-time, large scale applications. The TEI study documents the common problems study participants faced and how Aerospike was able to help. Here is what the study found:

Key challenges

  • High expenses

  • Limited ability to scale

  • Restrictive performance

Key Results

  • Optimized data storage and capacity to better fit use cases

  • Better performance allows for a scaled technology investment

  • Business growth and improved customer experiences

Expanding with Aerospike

Perhaps most telling is their interest in continuing the journey with Aerospike, and expanding the deployment of our data platform:“We started with a single use case, from there we’ve brought on 40 or so other different development app groups within the organization to use Aerospike as either a cache or a database source. So, these are either brand new projects starting up or moving over from our old infrastructure. Today, we have 75 individual use cases and are bringing on one to two new ones a week,” said a senior manager, e-commerce.We are excited to share the results of this study, and encourage you to download it now.