How Aerospike is Redefining Fast by using Intel Architecture – Intel® Chip Chat Podcast

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Aerospike Marketing
November 29, 2017|1 min read

Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews, and last week, its host, Allyson Klein, interviewed Aerospike Head of Product and Solutions Marketing, Satish Iyer about how Aerospike is “Redefining Fast” within the database space for Systems of Engagement by using Intel Architecture.

Despite the podcast being only 10 minutes in duration, Satish provides an overview on Aerospike, why a Hybrid Memory Database is a compelling solution for the management of data, what is meant by a System of Engagement (with examples), how Aerospike leverages Intel architecture, how its customers across various verticals benefit and how its approach is both unique and beneficial in terms of cost, performance and consistency.

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