The Aerospike Standup Vol. 42

Natalie Pistunovich
Lead Developer Advocate, Aerospike
December 8, 2021|2 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup, a newsletter written by developers for developers, that brings together blog posts, questions from the community, documentation, releases and events, written by the Aerospike team.

The latest addition to our Developer Hub is The Sandbox! Try your code in the web browser:

The languages that are already supported are Java, Python, Go and Node.js

We have some code samples prepared for you, and if you want to try some advanced things – the shell is there! Give a try to the Aerospike tools, for example the asloader for uploading your data.

Want to try the Spark connector? We have a full tutorial on how to analyze data quickly to aid critical business decisions, illustrated with the COVID dataset published by CDC.

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