The Aerospike Standup Vol. 43

Natalie Pistunovich
Lead Developer Advocate, Aerospike
December 22, 2021|2 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup, a newsletter written by developers for developers, that brings together blog posts, questions from the community, documentation, releases and events, written by the Aerospike team.

These last few days CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 (AKA Log4Shell) have been on everybody’s mind. Aerospike has minimal exposure; please read Log4Shell vulnerability and Aerospike for more details.

In other news, a bug might occur when a client performing a scan hits a “Partition Unavailable” during an unstable cluster. Previous versions of the client aborted the scan and put the connection back into the pool, which might cause unprocessed results to be sent to a different transaction, possibly resulting in incorrect application behavior. This has been fixed by Java Client 5.1.11, C# Client 4.2.7, C Client 5.2.6, Python Client 6.1.0, with fixes for other clients pending. If you make use of scans, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your clients at the earliest opportunity. Please read Scan bug identified (CLIENT-1637).

This is our last newsletter of the year, and we’d like to take the chance and wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great end of the year! We’ll be sharing the updates every other week. If you want to get updates to your email, click here to subscribe.

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