Aerospike Provides Next-Generation NoSQL Database for Experian

Tom Meese, Vice President, Cloud Services Blog, Technology

Today’s digital business environment requires vast amounts of data to be processed in real time to deliver an intelligent and positive experience for customers. This means real-time transactions against databases of 100’s of terabytes; and it all has to be available 24/7/365. Hundreds of customers have already chosen the Aerospike Database for this specific outcome. More and more customers are realizing that managing a distributed data architecture to achieve this outcome is not the primary focus of a business that needs performance. They just want to deliver a great frictionless user experience.  

The Experian CrossCore fraud management platform needs sub-millisecond database reads to deliver an accurate fraud assessment without impacting the customer experience. Aerospike’s Cloud Managed Service handles the deployment and management of the Aerospike Database allowing Experian to focus on the CrossCore application and the value it brings to their customers. 

The CrossCore team has realized what we set out to achieve with the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service: a fully managed database service for customers with a cloud-first strategy that requires a service availability commitment of 99.99%.

Aerospike augments the team at Experian to deliver a quicker time to value in deploying new applications on Aerospike’s next generation, real-time NoSQL database platform. The Experian team can now focus on the value their applications bring rather than spend time figuring out a new database and managing it. 

Aerospike’s Cloud Managed Service enabled Experian to deliver a new application in record time.  And the company is set up to easily expand their use of the Aerospike Database to roll out new applications without worrying about where to get experienced operations personnel who know how to manage and scale a distributed nosql database.

We are proud to welcome Experian to the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service and look forward to helping them deliver value to customers for years to come.

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