Why I joined Aerospike

Martin James
September 13, 2022|2 min read

Do more with less

Most people will have a recollection of Moore’s Law, which dates from 1965 and shows that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) doubles every two years. Analogies have been made for other growth segments of the technology industry, such as internet bandwidth, use of smartphones, and most importantly (to me as a technology vendor) data, which is projected to double every two years.

As the technology industry grows, we are also seeing other significant rises in the world around us, most notably the increasing impact of mankind on the environment and how the burning of fossil fuels is the principal contributor to the creation of planet-heating greenhouse gases.


A former colleague, Behrad Babaee, who also joined Aerospike, recently wrote a white paper on the environment and how the IT sector can lessen its carbon footprint. He stated that it is not just day-to-day consumption (Harvard researchers expect that by 2030 information and computing technology will account for as much as 20% of global energy demand) but also the manufacturing of IT equipment.

What if you could do more with less?

What if you could process more data more quickly but with less infrastructure? This would be an affirmation of Moore’s Law turned on its head for a positive outcome. More processing on a lower footprint directly benefits customers by reducing infrastructure costs, complexity, and climate change.

From a business leader’s career perspective, what if you had the opportunity to sell a solution that enables organisations to meet these goals?

For me, this was a compelling reason to join Aerospike. Selling is never simple; however, it becomes ten times easier with a great value proposition.

I believe these objectives will dominate the forthcoming decade and enable Aerospike to continue its expansion, add customers to its portfolio, and reduce its customer’s carbon footprint while providing better TCO.