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Developers in countries all over the world use Aerospike for a large variety of applications across a broad range of industries. In this section, we feature projects and contributions from our community. We also provide access to example cookbooks and early releases of clients and connectors.

You can also find plenty of opportunities to connect with others in the Aerospike community through our forum and face-to-face via our events.

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Aerospike Kotlin Client

Yevgeny Rizhkov has contributed an idiomatic Kotlin API using coroutines andFlow, whichwraps the Java client’s callback-based async methods.Code on GitHub »


Yevgeny Rizhkov has contributed an Idiomatic and reactive Scala client for Aerospike database, with support for Monix and ZIO.Code on GitHub »
Khosrow Afroozeh

Aerospike Lua Aggregations

A helper Lua library from Khosrow Afroozeh for simplifying the creation of streaming UDF aggregations.

Code on GitHub »

Aerospike Clojure


Vert.x Aerospike Client

Dream11 have contributed a non-blocking Vert.X reactive Java client for Aerospike.Code on GitHub »


This Aerospike Go utility lets you manage servers over SSH, just as you would manage a cluster.

Code on GitHub »

Eclipse-Tools (Aerospike Eclipse Toolkit)

This toolkit makes it easier for Java developers using Eclipse IDE to incorporate Aerospike’s functionality into their applications.

Code on GitHub »

Spring Data for Aerospike

Build Spring-powered applications with Aerospike Database as the data store. Developed in tandem by engineers from Aerospike and Playtika, with community contributions.Code on GitHub »

Aerospike JDBC Driver

Created by Alex Radzin, the JDBC driver for Aerospike aims to provide codeless integration with popular BI, reporting, and ETL tools. Aerospike now provides a minimalist JDBC driver other data browsing options.Code on GitHub »

Log4Aerospike (Log4J Appender)

This appender allows log4j log messages to be stored in Aerospike. Each log entry has a time-to-live (TTL). Using this feature allows log entries to be deleted automatically after a specified time period.

Code on GitHub »


Redsift contributes this Beanstalk-inspired job queue backed by Aerospike under Go.

Code on GitHub »


Rashid Mayes has contributed rashidmayes/clairvoyance, a data browser for Aerospike.

Code on GitHub »


Vault by HashiCorp

Vault Plugin

A Vault plugin for Aerospike, contributed by G-Research. Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to secrets such as passwords, API keys, etc.Code on GitHub »

JanusGraph Aerospike Storage Backend

Playtika have contributed a plugin that turns Aerospike into a storage backend for the JanusGraph distributed graph database.

Code on GitHub »

Spring Session Aerospike

Spring Session Aerospike extends Spring Session to add support for storing user sessions in an Aerospike database cluster.

Code on GitHub »
Apache Hadoop

Aerospike Hadoop Connector

The Aerospike Hadoop connector provides basic functionality to pull data from Aerospike into Hadoop MapReduce jobs and write back to it.

Code on GitHub »
Play Framework

Aerospike Play Framework Plug-ins

Apache Shiro

Aerospike Shiro CachingSessionDAO

Aerospike’s Shiro Session Project provides an example implementation of a Shiro Session DAO which uses an Aerospike cluster to store sessions. It is based on the Shiro Web sample project.

Code on GitHub »

Express Session Store

The Aerospike Express Session Store is a session store implementation for the Express Session middleware and can be used with both the Express or Connect frameworks.

Learn More »

Aerospike ASP.NET Session State Provider

Aerospike Session State Provider is used to store ASP.NET application session state in an Aerospike distributed database cluster. The Aerospike Provider implements the generic SessionStateStoreProviderBase abstract class.

Code on GitHub »

Gimel Connector for Aerospike

Aerospike connector for PayPal’s Gimel big data processing framework.

Code on GitHub »

Connect-Aerospike (Aerospike Connect)

Yuichi Tanaka created this session store for Node.js’s Express framework.

Code on GitHub »
Apache Storm

Apache Storm: Connectors & Test Applications

Storm is the Hadoop of real time. Aerospike provides several sample connectors and a test application for using Aerospike as a persistent store with Apache Storm.

Code on GitHub »

Apache Apex Malhar

Apache Apex Malhar is a repository of open source operators that can be used with Apache Apex to create realtime streaming applications. It includes operators that talk to Aerospike.

Code on GitHub »
IBM InfoSphere


IBMStreams created this toolkit for DPS (Distributed Process Store). It provides a simple way for the SPL, C++ and Java operators belonging to a single or multiple applications to share specific state information via an external key-value store.

Code on GitHub »


Operator logo

Kubernetes Operator for Aerospike CE

Travel Audience have contributed a Kubernetes Operator for Aerospike Community Edition. See their blog post: Aerospike Atop Kubernetes Made Easy. Aerospike now provides a Kubernetes Operator for Aerospike EE clusters.Code on GitHub »

Prometheus Exporter

asprom is a community contributed Prometheus exporter for Aerospike. Aerospike now provides its own exporter as part of the Aerospike Monitoring Stack.

Code on GitHub »

Aerospike Monitoring for Graphite

Monitoring integration for Graphite, initially developed by Aerospike, and now a community project.Code on GitHub »

Aerospike Plugin for Zabbix

Monitoring plugin for Zabbix, initially developed by Aerospike, and now a community project.Code on GitHub »
Nagios logo

Aerospike Monitoring for Nagios

Monitoring integration for Nagios, initially developed by Aerospike, and now a community project.Code on GitHub »
Collectd logo

Aerospike Plugin for Collectd

Monitoring plugin for Collectd, initially developed by Aerospike, and now a community project.Code on GitHub »


Dave Carroll added Aerospike support to his collection of Ganglia modules. This allows easy monitoring of Aerospike through Ganglia’s system.

Code on GitHub »