Why AppNexus Uses Aerospike


Meet New York’s billion dollar ad tech company, AppNexus. AppNexus is the world’s largest, independent, real-time ad technology platform powering the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising.

This powerhouse recently announced a late stage, funding round valuation at $1.2 billion, nearly doubling their funding round in 2013. Flash back over four years ago when Aerospike built their flash optimized, NoSQL database and key-value store based on AppNexus’ need to achieve speed at scale with no downtime and simple scaling leveraging SSDs. In fact, both companies joke about Aerospike being debugged in AppNexus’ offices. That said, we at Aerospike are proud to be a key part of this wildly successful business for over four years.

Why AppNexus choose Aerospike over other databases

“We run Aerospike heavily, peaking at 3 Million reads per second and well over 1 1/2 million writes a second in a very cost effective way. I don’t think there’s any technology we’ve run into that even comes close.”

– Geir Magnusson, CTO of AppNexus

What does AppNexus mean by scale?

2.5 million impressions a second at peak, although we can go much higher, and we see north of 90 Billion impressions per day and this is a 24×7 business with 100% uptime with Aerospike.”

– Geir Magnusson, CTO of AppNexus

Watch Geir Magnusson discuss their heavy use of Aerospike at Database Month NYC

Geir Magnusson opens Database Month NYC’s kick off meetup at AppNexus where he talks about achieving consistent and cost effective speed at scale with Aerospike. Eric David Benari conducts some fun trivia with the audience, leading to a talk with Aerospike co-founder and VP of Engineering and Operations, Srini Srinivasan on “Clearing CAP Confusion and why C in CAP!=ACID.”

Velocity Conference Santa Clara

Geir Magnusson talks about AppNexus achieving speed at scale at with Aerospike

Mike Nolet, former CTO and Co-Founder of AppNexus, presents live at Database Month – NYC MySQL Group Meetup

Mike talks about how they formulated, built and grew their cloud specific infrastructure and services. Key technologies include NoSQL, key-value store, MySQL, Hadoop, and more.

Aerospike-AppNexus Case Study by Intel

Read the AppNexus, Intel and Aerospike Case Study on how AppNexus reduced server count while increasing performance, reliability and serviceability.