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Getting Started

Check out the language specific documentation, then explore Atomic Transactions and Multi-Record Requeststo start working with the language of your choice. Don't forget to download and install the Aerospike Server as well.

Install the Aerospike client

Before you begin, install the Aerospike client library for your language of choice. These libraries include source code, examples, benchmarks, and more.

Java |  C |  Go |  C# |  Python |  Node.js |  Ruby |  Rust |  Rest

Read best practices

Follow these best practices for using the Aerospike client libraries with the Aerospike database.

Java |  C |  Go |  C# |  Ruby |  Rust

Connect to an Aerospike cluster

Create a connetcion

Java |  C |  Go |  C# |  Python |  Node.js |  Ruby |  Rust

Begin developing

Read the following sections to understand how to:

Example repositories

Run some of the provided examples from the client GitHub repositories.

Java |  C |  Go |  C# |  Python |  Node.js |  Ruby

API references

Access the external Client API documentation.

Java |  C |  Go |  C# |  Python |  Node.js |  Ruby |  Rust |  Rest