Vector Databases: Using Vector Search with Graph & Key-Value Queries

May 15, 6:30-8:30 pm ET | Thoughtworks, Inc., New York City

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Presented by:
Srini V. Srinivasan, CTO & Founder, Aerospike
Tim Faulkes, Chief Developer Advocate, Aerospike

In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to embed vectors in a database with graph and key-value data, and leverage the combined search capabilities to solve complex application problems in a simple manner. We will describe strategies for replicating data across geographically dispersed locations to enhance regional performance and establish resilient disaster recovery protocols.

Vector databases are poised to revolutionize industries with their augmented semantic search and retrieval (RAG) capabilities. We can build much more powerful applications by combining the search and data modeling capabilities available across these data types when vector data search is supported as part of a multi-model database supporting graph and key-value data.