Ad Tech High-level Reference Architecture: Demand Side Platform

Ad Tech High-level Reference Architecture: Demand Side Platform

This whitepaper provides a simplified reference architecture for Demand Side Platform datastores for real-time bidding and campaign reporting using Aerospike as the datastore technology.

Demand Side Platform (DSP). A DSP provides Campaign Definition, Execution and Reporting on behalf of advertisers and/or their agencies.

Real-time Bidding – Campaign execution. As data volumes increase at an unprecedented rate, firms face ever-greater challenges: deliver new applications faster, apply analytical technologies (such as machine learning) to hundreds of terabytes data (or more), provide a reliable and engaging user experience, drive digital transformations, and more.

How do these map to the signs that you’ve outgrown Redis?

Real-time bidding is the process of auctioning advertising space to the highest bidder. Publishers of a web site, device application, etc. sell their advertising space, often called inventory via an auction. Advertisers, via their DSP, purchase this space by bidding in the auction. The auction is usually conducted through an Ad Exchange. The Advertiser that wins the bid has purchased the space from the Publisher and provides a Tag to the Publisher to display the Ad rendered in the webpage or the device app. The Tag also contains information to track the user’s interaction with the Ad and generate events for reporting.